The Masters’ Speak

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(This piece came through a few days before our third show, expressly for that broadcast. Enjoy!) “We recognize that there are so many beliefs and viewpoints as to what is occurring on your planet. And, in truth our purpose here is not to persuade you to one specific belief; for each of you is an […]

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“Writer’s block blessing in disguise!”

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(This was written during my own frustrations at not being able to get to my writing. I was blessed with this perspective and I’m happy to share it. This was written several years ago as I began to realize that my happiness wasn’t going to come from somewhere outside of me.) “I have this feeling […]

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“I am in Kansas, but it don’t look the same no more!”

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Show #2 – Air Date 11/24/2011          The whole crew is back including Grace.  She goes into some detail about her experiences after the show at work and church.  As her world begins to turn upside down, Grace decides it’s safer (and maybe even more palatable) to eat crow rather than participate in her annual […]

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“If I were the Creator ….”

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(This entry came after a frustrating exchange between myself and someone who I thought would become a close friend.  The night was going great until I started sharing some of my experiences.  I was quickly shut down and somewhat pitied for my inability to ‘see the light.’   So I wrote this little note with a […]

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Time for Change!

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It’s a time of change; of great empowerment. It is a time for jumps into places of awareness beyond what anyone could have even imagined a few short years ago. It is the time of magic, the time of quantum leaps into personal potential and self realization reserved previously only for legends and great heroes […]

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