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Change! Show #24 – Air Date 04/26/2012   The panel and host explore change from a number of perspectives. This and the critical question of our time – “Are you ready?” – also gets our air time. “Why does the one thing that is always in play, the one constant, that will never, ever disappear, […]

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You are the channel!

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You are the channel! Show #23 – Air Date 04/19/2012   Are you a channel? We talk about the reality of receiving information, Broadway’s dream with Robert Deniro, Grace on her TEAM, Free Will, a hint at romance and the Reverend has a good time!

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An Easter Gift

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An Easter Gift Posted on April 14, 2012 by admin “I awoke in my morning reverie and heard the words I AM the Alpha and the Omega. And in that precious moment I perceived from this place of fullness. I AM everything. There is no thing outside of me. “ And right upon this revelation […]

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“The recently deceased Reverend Johnson speaks out!”

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“The recently deceased Reverend Johnson speaks out!” Show #22 – Air Date 04/12/2012   This is a great interview with the Reverend Johnson conducted by fellow align radio co-host, Ms. Karen Sheeks. I am really excited about what he’s got to say on many topics including life after “crossing over”, new perspectives on not-aging, a […]

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Are you in Relationship?

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Are you in Relationship?   The panel begins the wonderful conversation on Relationship & Relationships, Unconditional Love and a powerful foreshadowing of things to come – courtesy of Happy Harbinger & the Galactic Federation!

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