Message of Hope: Received 11/26/11

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We recognize that there are so many beliefs and viewpoints as to what is occurring on your planet. And, in truth our purpose here is not to persuade you to one specific belief; for each of you is an important part of this large puzzle and what you ‘bring to the table’, your own conformation […]

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Chinese Food? Maybe. Fortune Cookie? Definitely.

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“I must have been really hungry. OK, so here I am in this amazing Chinese restaurant. This is the old fashioned kind where they actually have a menu and you look at it for awhile. It’s not the fast food stuff that has sprung up on almost every corner. “First thing I notice is that […]

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The Love that always is . . .

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“After everything that I have experienced, everything that I have said and done, I can see clearly that there has only been one love in my life. And yet it has shaped itself into many different personas and forms. There are many names attached to these forms; they have been youthful and senior, tall, short, […]

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Aging: really, or not really!

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Aging: really, or not really! Show #27 – Air Date 05/24/2012   Is Aging really inevitable? Is this truly a natural and inevitable process, or is it a function of perception? The panelists discuss this and the new elder/youth generation.

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You can only imagine what you know!

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Show #26 – Air Date 05/10/2012   Broadway Mike puts together two key points: You can only imagine what you know; and All there is, is NOW and engages the rest of the panel into a powerful perspective for manifesting – and much more!

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