Time for Change!

Posted on Nov 21, 2011 in General | 5 comments

It’s a time of change; of great empowerment. It is a time for jumps into places of awareness beyond what anyone could have even imagined a few short years ago. It is the time of magic, the time of quantum leaps into personal potential and self realization reserved previously only for legends and great heroes and heroines. I see it clearly as this computer screen in front of me. People are finding the inner compulsion to move more clearly and directly where their hearts and intuitions may lead them. This is a great time of purpose, expansion and remembrance: we’re coming into our own. In this era of unprecedented change we are finding out who and what we really are and moving into that place that knows no limits. Regardless of what terminology an individual chooses to use, it is about returning to God/Goddess/Essence/to All That Is. We are reconnecting consciously to Source without relinquishing the precious individuality that gives us our unique expression.

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