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Posted on Dec 2, 2011 in General | 5 comments

(This piece came through a few days before our third show, expressly for that broadcast. Enjoy!)

“We recognize that there are so many beliefs and viewpoints as to what is occurring on your planet. And, in truth our purpose here is not to persuade you to one specific belief; for each of you is an important part of this large puzzle and what you ‘bring to the table’, your own conformation of reality is sacred.

“What we wish to convey here is that if you choose, there exists a powerful opportunity to be of service to all whom you come into contact with. Those of you who are oriented to and feel this new energetic change are empowered to radiate your Love, your increased energy and excitement. Although it may seem out of place depending upon the specific situation; ‘Let your love light shine’ as the popular song has expressed. In the coming times the consciousness of sustaining and advancing one’s self through the power of Love will become a huge beacon of security and peace amongst all the changes to occur on your planet. So know that each of your acts of kindness and unconditional giving will become magnified so as to embrace as many as possible.

“We also wish to suggest an imagery of what is occurring. Have you seen examples of architectural models, where redevelopment structures are placed over older, existing structures? Perhaps it was a dilapidated area downtown and over it the architect places a model covering the same area with parks, new homes and businesses?

“The new reality is being ‘overlaid’ upon what has been here. It is a model that extends way beyond what is called here, physical. The energy generated by the mass consciousness beliefs for the last several thousands of years is being converted and amplified by the power of Unconditional Love. Your planet and you, as stewards – have arrived to the energetic place where all of this is possible and the action is well underway.

“In closing we say, take comfort in knowing that your deepest impulses to love and experience abundance in all aspects of your life are shared by many. Every act, every thought and conscious intent infused with Unconditional Love, experienced individually is felt and experienced by all. Together you are bringing about the greatest and most joyful change in your history. You are all Masters and it is in grand delight to share in your awakening! So be it and so it is!”

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  1. Hi, Your website was recommended to me by my friend Anna at the COS Library. Would enjoy keeping up with what you are working on.

    Tom Pierce

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