The Love that always is . . .

Posted on Jul 7, 2012 in General | 5 comments

“After everything that I have experienced, everything that I have said and done, I can see clearly that there has only been one love in my life. And yet it has shaped itself into many different personas and forms. There are many names attached to these forms; they have been youthful and senior, tall, short, fat and thin. They’ve covered all races. There are those whom I have known and those that I have simply witnessed.

“It is not only in the opposite sex; it is in the heart and soul of men, children, music, theater, animals, plants, rain, snow, sunrise and sunset. It knows no boundaries, no limitations and certainly is politically and socially incorrect. It traverses all perceived differences and all personal inclinations. In fact, it is characterized by its lack of definition. It is not aloof or foreign to all that is seen. It is right in the middle of it all. This grand, grand love has learned that all that comes into its knowing is love and as such, is complete within itself.”

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