Chinese Food? Maybe. Fortune Cookie? Definitely.

Posted on Jul 22, 2012 in General | 5 comments

“I must have been really hungry. OK, so here I am in this amazing Chinese restaurant. This is the old fashioned kind where they actually have a menu and you look at it for awhile. It’s not the fast food stuff that has sprung up on almost every corner.

“First thing I notice is that everyone working there is Chinese, of course, and yet they are all exceedingly beautiful and quite tall. There is an elegance about all of them from the hostess to the busboy and they all radiated a sincere sense of joy.

“The food was incredible and when it came for the bill, an older woman brought it to me. She was the first one who wasn’t exceptionally tall. She was a little over five feet and somewhat bowed in her stature. She brought the bill with a cut up orange and fortune cookie. What was unusual is that she placed it in my hand and held it for a moment. She looked directly at me, smiled and said nothing; then walked away.

“My first surprise was that they didn’t charge me for the food! All the bill said was, “Thank you for being here, we hope you enjoyed the food.”

“Then I opened the fortune cookie and in larger than normal printing it said: “Nothing is complicated here, except what we choose to make complicated.”

“I realized I had been meditating, ok, daydreaming lying down on this beautiful patch of soft grass and that the beautiful Chinese people and food was just a dream. And no, there wasn’t a fortune cookie in my pocket or anything mystical like that, but there was my little note pad which I use for keeping me on track for errands and such. Sure enough, right there in front of me in large letters, (I guess so I wouldn’t miss it and keeping in the theme of the very tall Chinese), were the words: “Nothing is complicated here, except what we choose to make complicated.!”

“I truly don’t remember writing those words. And then at the bottom of the page was an arrow pointing to the next page. So I turned it over and again it said: “Nothing is complicated here, except what we choose to make complicated.” I didn’t understand; particularly when I looked at the bottom of the page and I saw in small letters: “see what I mean?”

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