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Thanks for visiting. I started journaling many years ago as a private means of self-expression and tactic for helping me understand what was going on in my life.

Originally what I wrote was for my eyes only; and in truth there was a freedom to go ‘out on a limb’ with my feelings since my only accountability was to me. However, after all the experiences and revelations I’ve come to understand that all our journeys, on one level or another, are shared. And even more important: we are all One and it’s precisely this unity that has emboldened me to share in this way and with the book, to be published in 2012, from which these excerpts are drawn.

The magic is there for all of us! So, if this resonates … read on!

“Writer’s block blessing in disguise!”

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(This was written during my own frustrations at not being able to get to my writing. I was blessed with this perspective and I’m happy to share it. This was written several years ago as I began to realize that my happiness wasn’t going to come from somewhere outside of me.) “I have this feeling […]

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“If I were the Creator ….”

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(This entry came after a frustrating exchange between myself and someone who I thought would become a close friend.  The night was going great until I started sharing some of my experiences.  I was quickly shut down and somewhat pitied for my inability to ‘see the light.’   So I wrote this little note with a […]

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Journal Entry # 2

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(I realize that I’d been programming myself for failure because of a subliminal belief in ‘perfection.’ I’ve come to understand that true perfection is in being fully present in each moment.) Perfection rarely has been a fixed, specific goal that I have been after, as in a number, but rather a concept. This type of […]

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Journal Entry # 1

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(A major part of the journey for me was creating victim and deprivation scenarios often linked to romantic flights of fancy. I clearly wasn’t in my place of power and yet each ‘aha!’ acted on takes back a little bit of what I unwittingly gave away.) I’ve been trying to relieve my loneliness by hooking […]

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