Sacred Inner Theatre

This exciting interactive program combines many profound acting and energy shifting techniques to facilitate powerful personal and group transformation. These workshops have been described as both ’great fun’ and ’intense.’ Sacred Inner Theatre has evolved out of lifetimes of involvement with theatre and energetic evolution.

The truth is that we are continually creating ‘scripts’ and, with mastery worthy of ‘Oscar’ consideration, play them out faithfully and ingeniously.  In this unprecedented time of new beginnings and creativity across our planet we get the opportunity to move into full consciousness of what and how we create our lives. Now we can learn about all of our programs and if we choose, how to rewrite them, change the casting, direction and the parts we get to play.

“All the world’s a stage ….” conveys a deep meaning that now we can bring into the light for meaningful change.

This is available for both individuals and groups via Zoom and as a workshop offering.  For more information please contact us for a consultation.