“Manifesting through Mastery” – Part 1

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“Manifesting through Mastery” – Part 1   The panel has been reading Norman’s book from another dimension about what life and manifesting is like, and in this first part of an extended series – Grace begins her interviews with Norman.

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Grace gets her turn!

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Grace gets her turn!   Our beloved Grace Jones shares many insights and perspectives gained from her experiences of rejection and acceptance from her close-knit church community. As she moves by leaps and bounds into greater awareness her friends come to grips with her changes and start moving in her new ‘flow’…. and much, much […]

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Getting Started!

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Getting Started!   The panel has an informal discussion on some of the basic building blocks for Bennett’s “Manifesting Through Mastery” program. This episode is a precursor to many of the specifics of his program to be discussed in the following show.

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Mother Precious Speaks!

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Mother Precious Speaks!   This is the first time that Mother Precious has been available for an in-depth interview. Both entertaining and thought provoking Mother Precious reveals unique insights from a conscious Master’s perspective.

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“Evolving Unconditional Reality”

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“Evolving Unconditional Reality” Interview with Bennett re Multi-Dimension Reality on 01/26/2012   Bennett is interviewed by Karen Sheeks on “Mount Shasta Moments” where they discuss in depth the blending of modalities and the evolution of his Channeled Theater; which is to our knowledge the first of its kind on this planet.

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