“Moving into Mastery – Enjoy the Buffet!”

Posted on Apr 5, 2012 in General | 5 comments

There are the mass consciousness agreements which allow for planetary movements such as the wars and so forth and yet as one person moves into their mastery consciously the balance of energy shifts for the whole planet.

One master has a huge energy input here. That is also part of the agreement. This mass consciousness has allowed for ascension. This is a concept not on the minds of very many as yet. However it is the truth, so as you move into this awareness as a true reality you help shift the energy for others to do the same, just as others have done for you.

There will be a critical mass occurring. It doesn’t even have to mean that everyone perceives what is occurring in the same way. It is not necessary. What will happen is that the energy will have been shifted to such an extent that on a planetary level shifts will have to occur.

There will still be the sense of duality for that is part of this planetary awareness. However, it will not be so much in the form of love and fear as it will be in the sense of separation so that we can experience the extraordinary diversity of creative inputs.

It will be like going to the world’s best buffet with every imaginable delicacy known to man. Everyone is going to this buffet for the same reason: that of partaking in exceptional food. There is plenty of food, so no one will be without getting whatever and how much food that they desire. They can eat until they are full and then they can come back at another time for more. The supply is endless and the cooking is incredible. There is nothing within the human experience of great food that has been left out of this buffet.

And yet some will want to taste certain foods and not others. There will be peace and joy since all are receiving what they would like. The idea of denying some food to others so that you can have more will not exist since it is clearly obvious that there is more than enough to go around.

And because each person is truly full literally and metaphorically, there is no sense of needing to get something from another, or envying another or fearing another. There is only the mutual appreciation of each other’s uniqueness. It is a continuous smorgasbord of experience.

In truth that is the way it exists now for those that can perceive it as such. Appreciating each and every moment for its specialness is part of being in your mastery and your conscious awareness. Just as it is at the buffet, everything you could possibly want is right before you.

Everything that you are perceiving is your creation – singly or collectively. So it is suggested that the position of gratitude and love for all permeate your entire being.

It is you. The money is you. The joy is you. The health is you. The magic is you. The love is you. The healing of others is you perceiving their healing is it not?

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