An Easter Gift

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An Easter Gift
Posted on April 14, 2012 by admin

“I awoke in my morning reverie and heard the words I AM the Alpha and the Omega. And in that precious moment I perceived from this place of fullness. I AM everything. There is no thing outside of me. “

And right upon this revelation the master spoke: “You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, you are the path. Your brother was stating truth. This is the reality of everything in the universe.”

And then the following was shared to be shared: “Welcome home beloved sisters and brothers! This is the joy that is possible here for all of you. Here is the knowing that washes away all the fears, recriminations and judgments.

“I didn’t die to wash away man’s sins, I lived so that he could realize that there was no such thing. Dying was a very dramatic and more powerful way to bring the message into the consciousness of this race then only living an exemplary life.

“What occurs in a life can be easily misinterpreted. For most, it is easier to understand dying. However, to not come back in the physical would have truly been incomplete. It is not unlike an evening with a beloved going one way and then at the very end as the good bye is being said there is a trace of a smile, a softening of the tone of voice that portends to an entirely different reality between the two of you. So it is with coming back. The death was powerful, but to return …”

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