“Writer’s block blessing in disguise!”

Posted on Dec 2, 2011 in Norman's Journal | 5 comments

(This was written during my own frustrations at not being able to get to my writing. I was blessed with this perspective and I’m happy to share it. This was written several years ago as I began to realize that my happiness wasn’t going to come from somewhere outside of me.)

“I have this feeling of something wanting to come out on these pages. It feels so close but I can’t put my finger on it. I am not sure how to begin describing what I am experiencing. I am full of desire, full of hope and creativity. I see vast possibilities in front of me. I also see a sense of futility that seems to hover by me. I am not enveloped in it, yet if I allowed it would try to consume me. I am not afraid of even threatened by this, but I do see it.

“It is a knight, a black knight not really intending to keep me from my quest, but manifested to test my resolve, my depth of desire for my expansion, my mastery. It is present to see if I truly want to go to the next plane of this journey, this odyssey that I manifested here to experience. Oh brother, oh ephemeral presence know that I am here in peace, in love and in unfathomable strength. My will prevail. That is the gift that all have been given. Is it God’s will and not my own? It is both.

“The deepest love loves regardless of the circumstances and in so doing makes two become one. There is no separation, praise God!”

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