“If I were the Creator ….”

Posted on Nov 23, 2011 in Norman's Journal | 5 comments

(This entry came after a frustrating exchange between myself and someone who I thought would become a close friend.  The night was going great until I started sharing some of my experiences.  I was quickly shut down and somewhat pitied for my inability to ‘see the light.’   So I wrote this little note with a bit of humor in the hopes of helping us move forward.  We did move forward, in opposite directions!  From my NOW perspective I no longer feel frustration at these types of exchanges.  Again, we each choose our own discovery process in our own timing.) – J.E. #3

            If I was the creator of this Universe I’d be much more interested in the diversity and the innumerable paths that my creations take to realize that they and myself are one and the same.  With all due respect: one path, one way?  Please.  It might be the same street, but it’s a pretty wide one.  I would say, “you get here anyway that you can, but get here.”  I would also say because I am Unconditional Love and everything gets embraced; “take your time.  And don’t worry too much, you are always protected and loved.”

           And from time to time I’ll make sure some of your most advanced brothers and sisters will be around to light the way for you.  Because so many of you are choosing to ‘wake up’ , the largest number of advanced souls in your history are being born to families all over the world.  In fact, with the energy increasing so quickly, I expect that so many of you, if you haven’t already, are about to remember that you come from the same place as they do and are filled with the same promise.    

            These advanced souls are here to raise the energy level. That alone is purpose enough, is it not?  They raise it for those in their immediate proximity and on more subtle levels everywhere. 

            And why would I create only one dimension for beings to live, learn and experience in when there are so many creative possibilities to experience?  And besides,  can you imagine the traffic if they were all living on Earth?


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