Private Sessions

Do you have a vision? Are you a clear channel for your soul’s promptings and guidance? Does this picture ‘fit’ into the ‘way things seem to be’, or does it seem ‘other-worldly’ and beyond what’s possible?

You are not a product of your environment and this life’s experiences. You are a multi-dimensional being incarnated here with a vast reservoir of knowledge and abilities. You are timeless and infinite.

If you feel trapped, frustrated or simply not functioning at a more expansive level, our work together can give you the tools to apply to any and all situations in your life.

The powerful vision that you came here to experience, to share must be understood, nurtured and developed regardless of what life currently shows you. It’s time to remember who and what you are.

Sacred Inner Theatre work is about understanding on a profound level how energy works: for or against you. Utilizing theatrical techniques and Masters’ guidance you will begin to experience your own Mastery. You will be empowered with your own knowing. This Shift will reflect out to every situation in your life and present new solutions and abilities to create whatever your soul’s highest intention may be.

One-on-One Sessions are $100 per session, or $450 for five sessions.
Email for a free consultation at: or call (530) 261-2005