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Aging: really, or not really!

Show #27 – Air Date 05/24/2012

Click to Play: Aging: really, or not really!


Is Aging really inevitable? Is this truly a natural and inevitable process, or is it a function of perception? The panelists discuss this and the new elder/youth generation.

You can only imagine what you know!

Show #26 – Air Date 05/10/2012

Click to Play: You can only imagine what you know!


Broadway Mike puts together two key points: You can only imagine what you know; and All there is, is NOW and engages the rest of the panel into a powerful perspective for manifesting – and much more!


Show #24 – Air Date 04/26/2012

Click to Play: Change


The panel and host explore change from a number of perspectives. This and the critical question of our time – “Are you ready?” – also gets our air time.

“Why does the one thing that is always in play, the one constant, that will never, ever disappear, be so frightening at times?” – Grace Jones.

You are the channel!

Show #23 – Air Date 04/19/2012

Click to Play: You are the channel!


Are you a channel? We talk about the reality of receiving information, Broadway’s dream with Robert Deniro, Grace on her TEAM, Free Will, a hint at romance and the Reverend has a good time!

“The recently deceased Reverend Johnson speaks out!”

Show #22 – Air Date 04/12/2012

Click to Play: The recently deceased Reverend Johnson speaks out!


This is a great interview with the Reverend Johnson conducted by fellow align radio co-host, Ms. Karen Sheeks. I am really excited about what he’s got to say on many topics including life after “crossing over”, new perspectives on not-aging, a powerful, never-heard soul mantra and much more.

Are you in Relationship?

Show #21 – Air Date 04/05/2012

Click to Play: Are you in Relationship?


The panel begins the wonderful conversation on Relationship & Relationships, Unconditional Love and a powerful foreshadowing of things to come – courtesy of Happy Harbinger & the Galactic Federation!

“Imagine It!”

Show #20 – Air Date 03/29/2012

Click to Play: Imagine It!


The panel has a lively conversation on the power and ‘practicality’ of imagination, utilizing your multi-dimensional truth and much more.

“To Be or not to BE – there is no question!”

Show #19 – Air Date 03/22/2012

Click to Play: To Be or not to BE - there is no question!


The nature of our channeled show: the characters introduce themselves, St. Germain visits and the nature of our “game’ as “Master Gamers’ gets discussed.

“Momma! We’re sure not in Kansas any more!”

Show #18 – Air Date 03/15/2012

Click to Play: Momma! We're sure not in Kansas any more!


The panel touches upon Norman’s Manifesting through Mastery, and several other topics: more emotional changes resulting from the new paradigm, perceptual destinations, body talk, paying it forward, aging and much, much more.

“It’s so much fun takin’ the road to livin’ extraordinarily!” – Grace

“Manifesting through Mastery” – Part Two

Show #17 – Air Date 03/08/2012

Click to Play: Manifesting through Mastery - Part Two


Norman goes deeper into 5th dimension plus manifesting, reveals more of the basics on this journey and shares a liberating vision. Happy Harbinger shares some insight on the physical and emotional changes occurring due to the shift.

“Manifesting through Mastery” – Part 1

Show #16 – Air Date 03/01/2012

Click to Play: Manifesting through Mastery - Part 1


The panel has been reading Norman’s book from another dimension about what life and manifesting is like, and in this first part of an extended series – Grace begins her interviews with Norman.

Grace gets her turn!

Show #15 – Air Date 02/23/2012

Click to Play: Grace gets her turn!


Our beloved Grace Jones shares many insights and perspectives gained from her experiences of rejection and acceptance from her close-knit church community. As she moves by leaps and bounds into greater awareness her friends come to grips with her changes and start moving in her new ‘flow’…. and much, much more!

Getting Started!

Show #14 – Air Date 02/16/2012

Click to Play: Getting Started!


The panel has an informal discussion on some of the basic building blocks for Bennett’s “Manifesting Through Mastery” program. This episode is a precursor to many of the specifics of his program to be discussed in the following show.

Mother Precious Speaks!

Show #13 – Air Date 02/09/2012

Click to Play: Mother Precious Speaks!


This is the first time that Mother Precious has been available for an in-depth interview. Both entertaining and thought provoking Mother Precious reveals unique insights from a conscious Master’s perspective.

“Evolving Unconditional Reality”

Show #12 – Air Date 02/02/2012

Click to Play: Evolving Unconditional Reality


Bennett is interviewed by Karen Sheeks on “Mount Shasta Moments” where they discuss in depth the blending of modalities and the evolution of his Channeled Theater; which is to our knowledge the first of its kind on this planet.

“I take a back seat & let everybody else do the driving!”

Show #11 – Air Date 01/26/2012

Click to Play: I take a back seat & let everybody else do the driving!


The panel decides that Bennett’s been working too hard and gives him the night off. Emma’s grandmother, Emma 1st shows up and clears up many not so important issues as well as the panel assisting Shane, Grace, Broadway and Flip Jack to go a bit further down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Welcome Mr. Kahuna, aka ‘The Facilitator’

Show #10 – Air Date 01/19/2012

Click to Play: Welcome Mr. Kahuna, aka 'The Facilitator'


Powerful channeled info from the panel as well as “The Facilitator” who Grace prefers to call Mr. Kahuna! Norman tells a story of his large baby nose totally inhibiting his ability to stand and walk, Reverend Johnson talks about the Christmas Tree and much, much more. The only channeled theatre in this dimension (probably).

“To be or not to be …. attached, that is!”

Show #9 – Air Date 01/12/2012

Click to Play: To be or not to be .... attached, that is!


Grace, Flip Jack, Broadway, the Reverend and all of the panel discuss being here from all different types of perspectives. This week’s show will include a new guest – who’ll be speaking from the position of being an ex-militant on the beautiful island of Ireland.

Flip joins the ‘race’, the panel talks about attachments and non-attachment, is Emma really helping herself or merely setting another trap and much more.

Nobody else can tell (or make) our fortune but us!

Show #8 – Air Date 01/05/2012

Click to Play: Nobody else can tell (or make) our fortune but us!


We’re in the New Year and the time for living and making the magic is NOW! The energy for expanding beyond the current reality is here and Grace, Flip and Broadway go to town. Flip shares a story about Esmeralda, the gypsy fortune teller, Grace creates a new club, Emma’s big … posterior starts getting less big and there’s much, much more.

“2012 ain’t heavy – it’s our year!”

Show #7 – Air Date 12/29/2012

Click to Play: 2012 ain't heavy - it's our year!


We’re approaching the most important year of our lives and there are so many feelings and often fears associated with 2012. Sometimes the greatest gifts are just behind the very thin veil of fear. Also, Norman discovers he, like many of the rest of you are from the future … come to do good.

“There’s no Sanity Clause! Tell that to the Reindeer!”

Show #6 – Air Date 12/22/2011

Click to Play: There's no Sanity Clause! Tell that to the Reindeer!


Our first Holiday Show! Flip Jack explains the ‘Holiday Blues’, Broadway waxes almost cynical, Grace gains deeper understanding of life’s potentials thanks to Emma’s butt(!) and much, much more.

‘Grace’s ‘Brick-through moment!’

Show #5 – Air Date 12/15/2011

Click to Play: Grace's 'Brick-through moment!


This show begins to cover the nature of energetic shape-shifting, as well as introducing Broadway’s friend, Flip Jack who leads us in song and explains how to keep score for the greatest personal gain. And that’s just the beginning!

“Addictive Personality — Me?”

Show #4 – Air Date 12/08/2011

Click to Play: Addictive Personality -- Me?


Discover addictions disguised as habits, Happy’s report from the inter-galactic federation, Broadway Mike talking about early morning hot dogs along with Grace’s buttered toast and much more. Reverend Johnson starts a new ministry with Mother Precious and we get to hear it all.

“Buildin’ a brick wall is easy, takin’ it apart is where the skills at!”

Show #3 – Air Date 12/01/2011

Click to Play: Buildin’ a brick wall is easy, takin’ it apart is where the skills at!


In this episode we go into detail about what causes blocks and share special techniques for learning how to remove them. Grace becomes aware that much of what she has always identified with as her thoughts and feelings don’t belong to her at all! She then dedicates herself to mastering these new techniques and perspectives. Broadway and Grace learn how to dismantle their streams and brick walls respectively.

Title: “I’m in Kansas, but it don’t look the same no more!”

Show #2 – Air Date 11/24/2011

Click to Play: I'm in Kansas, but it don't look the same no more!


The whole crew is back including Grace. She goes into some detail about her experiences after the show at work and church. As her world begins to turn upside down, Grace decides it’s safer (and maybe even more palatable) to eat crow rather than participate in her annual Church picnic and risk invasive surgery at the local ER. Broadway Mike reveals a telling story of a monkey and a banana underlying our need to stay with what we know regardless of the consequences rather than open the doors, or in this case, bars to a new world. All this and much more.

Title: “And now we begin!”
Show #1 – Air Date 11/17/2011

Click to Play: And now we begin!


Our introductory show where we introduce our panelists: Happy Harbinger, Mother Precious, Reverend Johnson, Broadway Mike and Norman G. As they begin to discuss various areas relevant to Unconditional Reality and share their unique perspectives, a surprise visitor, Grace Jones shows up.  A former member of the recently deceased Reverend Jones’ congregation, Grace, President of the Extremely Religious Under Duress Society resists all of this ‘new’ information.  However, she begins a profound transformation.