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Posted on Nov 14, 2011 in General | 5 comments

The seams of the world we’ve created are coming apart and as they do we discover brand new vistas for us to experience and enjoy. Our creativity, no longer constrained by limiting beliefs and the perverse desire to control others, is limitless.

What would your home and surroundings look like? I see a beautiful valley with every type of tree and colorful flowers imaginable. It seems to extend forever. All around are animals who are not afraid; and waterfalls, lakes and beautiful natural formations. There are gorgeous mountains. It is almost like there are many different types of topography indigenous to other areas all balled up into one. The temperature is beautiful; the air is alive and refreshing. There is a faint perfume that is glorious. When the wind rustles it composes celestial music. Just to breathe in this environment is an extraordinary exhilaration of consciousness. It’s as if all the plants, animals, people … the entire scope of this creation is alive with love, safety and creativity. In fact the topography can change moment to moment should I choose.

We’ve been living within this environment all of our lives and yet could not see it, because the walls of this three-dimensional reality kept us enclosed. We had to see matter as solid and the prevailing perspective: that we are finite creatures with definite limitations.

This is not the world outside of our three dimensional box. Here all is fluid and creative. There are no limitations and we can transport anywhere by thought. You can be in more than one place at the same time should you choose and all the service you provide and receive is free of charge. Healing is accomplished by virtue of knowing in every cell that you are Love. Dis-ease has no room to be created for all that exists within you is in harmony. No thing is kept from you and your reality becomes one of ecstasy, enjoyment, service and creativity.

In this place there is no time. This freedom is obvious and at will you become anything that you choose. Experience the solidity of three-dimensional reality or not. Or simply fly around without the heaviness.

Everything is energy. And as you reclaim the Master that is already you, you will discover a universe totally responsive to what you choose to co-create.


  1. We are finite creatures with definate limitations, has confused me. On the latter part of this article it speaks of harmony,ecstacy,enjoyment,service,and creativity. I don’t know, if we are to explore the master in us how can there be limitations. Your article gets a good rating as far as I’m concerned. Just need a little clarity.

    • Hi Candy – You’re absolutely right! Living in full Mastery consciousness is where the ‘seeming’ limitations of our finite or ‘conditional’ reality are transcended. “We are finite creatures with definite limitations” from my perspective refers to the current three-dimensional paradigm of life here. It has been the mass consciousness belief that has been developed and promoted (and therefore brought into physical reality) that we are limited. In the Unconditional this paradigm is superseded by the inner ‘knowing’ that we are unlimited. In fact, it is within our innate power as creators to operate in such freedom that the ‘rules’ of who and what we are in the current reality are simply pieces of clothing to be used, consciously as we choose.

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